Quality Management

We believe that an effective quality management system for our raw materials, equipment and finished products is critical to ensure the quality of our services and maintain our reputation and success. Our subsidiary, Taizhou Pharmaceutical, is equipped with high-functioning quality assurance departments that are responsible for the approval, organization and coordination of quality control and quality assurance procedures within each subsidiary. Facilities and equipment are subject to inspection measures such as united registrar systems, factory acceptance testing, site acceptance testing, installation qualification, operator qualification, performance qualification, and regular maintenance throughout their entire life cycles. To ensure that our products and services consistently meet high industry standards and requirements, we have also established a company-level quality assurance department to inspect the quality of our products and services. Our manufacturing business lines are inspected in accordance with the PRC national laboratory quality control standard and the GMP management requirements; our research and development business lines are also inspected in accordance with GMP management requirements.