Industrialization Base

  • Our production site in Taizhou has two buildings of 30,000 square meters in total and houses our mAb production facilities. The two buildings are equipped with production facilities currently in operation, including (i) four 3×1,500 L antibody bioreactor systems and related purification lines, (ii) an injection vial filling line capable of manufacturing four million units per annum and (iii) a pre-filled syringes production line capable of manufacturing one million units per annum. Our production facilities have successfully passed the GMP compliance inspection for CMAB008 by the Jiangsu Provincial Drug Administration and have commenced commercial production.

    Construction of new production base:

    We have constructed new production facilities on a parcel of industrial land of approximately 100,746 square meters in the Taizhou Hi-tech Zone. Our expansion plan includes the construction of (i) large-scale monoclonal antibody drug substance production lines with scale of each cell reactor reaching 7,500L and 18,000L, respectively, and (ii) two drug product filling lines which have commenced construction and already completed the construction of the plant, design and purchase of key equipment and is expected to be put into trial operation in the middle of 2022.