Industrialization Base

  • Our production site under our subsidiary, Taizhou Pharmaceutical, can satisfy our current clinical and commercialized production needs, currently with a 3*1,500L bioreactor system, which is one of the largest antibody drug production facilities in China in terms of production capacity.

    We primarily use stainless steel bioreactors to produce. The advantages of stainless steel technology are (i) minimization of batch differences, (ii) easy and quick production scale-up, (iii) reduction in commercial production costs, (iv) manageable quality risk, and (v) minimizing the dependency on specific vendors, which is, for the long term, a high risk factor for the commercial manufacturing of antibody drugs for those who use disposable bioreactors. Our leading engineering team, which has over 10 years of relevant experience and has coordinated the design of a number of leading large-scale stainless steel production lines in China, was responsible for the overall planning and coordination in building our production facilities, including our stainless steel production lines.

    We have one production facility located in our subsidiary, Taizhou Pharmaceutical, which commenced operation in February 2015. Taizhou Pharmaceutical is primarily responsible for coordinating clinical trial, clinical sample production and future industrial production of our own products. Our Taizhou Pharmaceutical production site has two buildings of 15,000 square meters each and houses our mAb production facilities.